Last cross race coming

Last night, I renewed the USA Cycling license ($60! – ouch) and registered for Cobblestone Cross on Sunday in Richmond, which was only $20 (not too shabby). I’ll be running up there with K-Dog and Marco, if he can score the play-release pass. Should be fun. Can’t wait to do what is probably the last cross race of the season. They race into March in Europe, why can’t we? Especially with the non-cyclocross-like weather we’re having. Supposed to be a high of 76 here today. I’m going to wear shorts in January!

For friends and family who don’t what cyclocross is think of it as steeplechase on a bike. But instead of riding loops around a track you follow a mile or so long course that winds through parks or school yards and over grass, dirt, gravel and pavement. There are forced dismounts to hurdle barriers or climb stairs or steep hills. The races only last 45 minutes to an hour, so it’s all-out high intensity. The bikes look like road bikes, but have burlier tires and other attributes that allow them to be handled off-road. It’s big in Belgium, land of stiff beers and serving mayonaise with french fries, if that explains anything.


4 responses to “Last cross race coming

  1. SWMBO has given me ‘permission’ to go! w00t!

  2. Good on ye, mate! We’re going to have fun.

  3. Wish I could have made it up there- hope you guys did well!

  4. Sorry you didn’t make it. We had fun gettting chased around the course by a girl.

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