About the header photo

That’s me in the shirt, tie and Elvis glasses leading the second group in the B-race at Trashmore Cross three days after Thanksgiving. We’re running up the stairs on the second hill by the skateboard park at Mount Trashmore (yes, it’s an old dump now park) in Virginia Beach. Three guys behind me is, I think, Rob Tripp from All About Bikes and behind him is Ed Fisher from the Eastern Shore.

My oldest, Ellie, took the photo with our Canon Digital Rebel. She loves taking taking pictures with it and does a pretty good job. With a little cropping, it made a fun image for the header.

Now why am I dressed like that? Because Tim Starkey said “I don’t know you” when I did! I’d actually raced the Masters 35+ race at 10am and was pretty tired. But I love cross racing, so I entered the 1pm B-race for grins and giggles. I wore an old shirt and tie and goofy glasses to get people to cheer for me. It worked. It’s also in keeping with a cyclocross tradition that you don’t see much of in buttoned-down Virginia. Out west folks sometimes wear costumes or, even, just a pair of Speedos in races. We don’t need to see that on the East Coast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t goof off some.

Here’s an awesome photo from that race. Ed’s about to make his decisive pass and leave me gasping:

Lessons learned: Elvis glasses let too much light in around the edges, cotton dress shirts don’t breathe that well and it’s hard to loosen a tie when you’re riding. I got a bit overheated, not that it mattered. I blew up pretty hard after three laps and faded to 18th. I had little left in the tank after finishing 6th, about mid-pack, in the morning’s 35+ race.

Here’s another pic Ellie shot:


One response to “About the header photo

  1. That was one fun day except it made me feel like a slug! Gotta get myself on a fitness routine and get toned (ha ha) again. Talk about a rear view mirror.

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