Had to run into the office first thing this AM to do some paperwork. I rode the old beater, but it was so cold I turned around to get another layer. Still I flew the two miles into work in the bright sunshine. I realized why I flew when I came home an hour later. The wind’s blowing at 15 to 25 MPH basically from my house toward the office. I slogged home anyway. That which does not freeze me, makes me warmer. And it’s still below 40 degrees out there, according to the temperatre widget on the iMac.


3 responses to “Brrrrr

  1. It is cold out there! Luckily the temps are going back up for the weekend, calling for 68 on Saturday. Coming out to do the Conte’s ride Sat morn?

  2. I’ll tell ya what– it’s freakin cooooold out there! Getting ready for the famous Wed night ride.

  3. Enjoy that ride tonight Kevin. I’ll be sitting in my cozy office downtown the whole time. And, yes, I’ll aim to make the Conte’s ride on Saturday.

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