Road manners

Apparently my pace-line handling above 27mph leaves a little to be desired. Two weeks ago Robert S. called me out for overlapping the wheel in front of me several times. This week it was Gene R. telling me to smooth out my pedal stroke and then saying “very inefficient” as he blew by me into the sprint toward First Colonial Road. I’ve got to admit both times I was feeling pretty ragged. Today I was at mile 50 or so of a 67-mile ride – my first long ride in more than a month. I also don’t ride much in pace lines that fast for that long. We were going nearly 30 heading into that sprint.

However, I would like to ride better in those situations. How can I get better unless I ride more in such pace lines? And how can I smooth out my pedal stroke? I don’t know.

Did log 67 miles in 3 hours, 30 minutes. Left the house about 7:20, shot out Princess Anne Road, connecting eventually to Independence. I arrived too late to connect with the Tripower ride, so I just ran up to Shore Drive and down First Colonial, catching it at Conte’s. Easy to catch people when they’re sitting still!

I was stylin’ my new Twin Six jersey, a Christmas gift from loving wife.


9 responses to “Road manners

  1. The only way to get better is to just go out there and do it.

  2. You’re overlapping wheels because you’re going too damn faaaast! Ask Gener for some advice, I know he’d like to help…

  3. Imagine if I was efficient! I’m not taking it too seriously, but I also don’t want to cause a problem in a pace line.

  4. You weren’t causing problems for anyone…but yourself. 🙂 The guy in front of you wasn’t helping your cause either. When you get behind a guy like that, it’s not hard to inherit his surge and make it a little worse. Back off, give him some room, and watch the people in front of him. Use them as a gauge for speed so that you don’t open up a gig gap. The only way to be efficient is if you can keep a steady pressure on the peddles. It wasn’t intended as an insult, just some constructive (and hopefully helpful) criticism.

  5. Gener is right, more often than not it’s what’s going on in front of you that causes problems. That ride yo-yo’s more than…well a yo-yo. I’m sure going into the wind didn’t help either.

    Try and gauge what is going on 2-3 guys (or gals) in front of you.

  6. I don’t doubt Gene at all. We’re cool. I was voicing frustration with my riding and soliciting advice on how to improve. I was riding ragged – letting a gap form, then surging and overlapping the wheel in front of me. I was real tired and whatever spin I have had deteriorated to a mash. Just trying to get better here. And faster.

  7. It’s only January, don’t sweat it. I know it doesn’t feel like January but it is…really.

  8. get fixed!!!!!!!!!!! you`ll be spinning smoothly in no time………..

  9. Sounds like what my wife wants me to do. But I don’t think she means the same thing.

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