Jump, jive and wail

Audrey and Amelia in the jumper.

Some friends of ours kindly gave us their inflatable jumper once their son outgrew it. It’s the source of endless joy and occasional agony.

Some other shots…

Earlier, Millie (she of the wildly curly hair) and I went for a spin on the trailer bike. We rode to G-Pa & G-Ma’s in Larchmont to drop off a tin and pick up Audrey’s Dora doll. Then we rode back to Ghent and went to the bank, the grocery store for some apples and around the Hague before riding home. She enjoyed her hour on the bike with her Daddy. (photo from G-Pa)


2 responses to “Jump, jive and wail

  1. I need to get one of those trail-a-bikes

    good way to watch the kids and get in some miles at the same time

  2. They are very cool. My oldest loved it and now my middle one gets to ride with me. And people stop and stare for some reason.

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