A lemonade stand in January?

Eleanor and her friend Annemarie set up a lemonade stand at the end of the block yesterday morning about 10am. Michele and I thought they were nuts, but the girls sold $20 of lemonade in about two hours. Not too shabby.

Hard to believe, as the temperature plummets today, that just yesterday it was in the 70s. I’m already missing summer in January.


3 responses to “A lemonade stand in January?

  1. i’m brnging spring back…

  2. My Granddaughter, the newest sales rep in the family! 20 bucks! That’s 40 cups of lemonade, right? Maybe we’ve identified a career for the young lady.

  3. Ellie Grace! You know your mom gave me a copy of this poem and I love it! I hope you’ll keep it up even though it takes some discipline to do so. I wish I’d continued writing through the years-it always seemed that there was something else to get done, but I hope you keep it up because you’re GOOD girl!!!!! Lv, Nonnie

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