Poet in the house

Earlier this year, Ellie blew Michele and me away with a poem she wrote for PTA arts and letters contest called Reflections. The contest’s theme this year was favorite places. She wrote about a stream behind a cabin in the Poconos we visit with Michele’s family.

The Stream

Under the bridge,

a stream you will see.

It whispers to me,

“Am I magic?” it asks,

“trapped may I be,

looking for the sea,

ever so longingly.”

“Yes,” I answer back,

“Yes, you are.”

– Eleanor Dinsmore

The poem won 1st place in her elementary school for upper-grade writing. We’re very proud of her. She also won 3rd place for photography with this photo, which reflects her love of soccer.


3 responses to “Poet in the house

  1. Hey, neat honors for Ellie!

  2. Ellie,

    Great poem. Can I steal it and put my name on it?

    I love that stream, too. I have many memories of trying to drown you mother in it.

    Good job, Ellie.

  3. Think we might have another Ellsie Dinsmore in the family? That poem is great!!!!!!! I have the copy you sent on the Reefer. Next time you are there take a photo of the stream and send it along love grandad ed

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