A dreary weekend’s fun

The cold, wet blanket that draped itself across Virginia didn’t supress our fun this weekend. On Sunday we headed to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News and had a blast. The girls liked the fish in particular and I played with our Canon Digital Rebel, trying to take some natural light pics in low-light conditions. Most shots didn’t work, but here’s what did or what I liked for whatever reason.
Audrey and Amelia at the tank.

This is an example of what you get when you mix very low light, a largely automatic camera and a child and two rays that won’t hold still!

Millie was fascinated by the rays. I gave into the flash to be sure to get one good image, but lost the ambiance of the low light.

Yes, it’s out of focus; yes, both Millie and Michele moved; but I love this image for the joy it captured.

Audrey and the big honkin’ catfish.

Millie and the trout.

On Saturday we went to Ellie’s swim meet at the Y in Suffolk. The image below explains a lot about her meet. She swam 50 meter freestyle, breast and butterfly as well as her first 100-meter individual medley. She did great in the IM, but her goggles slipped on her dive.
She toughed it out though and finished in about 1:55. Great first effort. She finished the day as the freestyle anchor for an 11-12-y-o mixed medley relay team. There weren’t enough older kids, so her coach bumped her up. She must have a lot of confidence in Ellie. El was nervous, not wanting to let down the older kids, but they delivered her a healthy lead and she easily kept it for first place!

I had a low-key weekend. Decided to take advantage of the cold and rest my hamstring, which is still bothering me.


3 responses to “A dreary weekend’s fun

  1. Ah capturing the little ones exploring like that is precious and there is nothing like spending a low-key weekend with the family.

    But you can’t use that hamstring excuse forever 😉

  2. GREAT SHOTS: e-mail me some so I have them.love dad

  3. Great candids of the kids. Isn’t Ellie something coming in first! Whata troupa!

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