The last beer


Enjoyed the last Magic Hat Roxy Rolles tonight after a cold ride home from work. Smooth drinking, delicious. Shame it’s a seasonal, I could drink more. Discovered this “hoppy amber ale” sometime before Christmas at Total Wine in Ghent. Bought one 6-pack and went back the next day and bought the remaining case. After Christmas, Total Wine was out, but I found another case at Gene Walters. Wish I could find more.

My cousin Ryan, from Maine, turned me on to Vermont’s Magic Hat Brewing Co. a couple of years ago, particualrly its Blind Faith pale ale. Magic Hat recently started distributing down in Virginia, but I can’t find Blind Faith. Not much on their popular No. 9 – too sweet.

Magic Hat puts little sayings and witticisms in their bottle caps. Interestingly, the cap from the last bottle said: “Break the Cage of the Digital Age.”

Reminded me of the Second Life satire site I learned about today: Check it out. It’s hilarious.


5 responses to “The last beer

  1. I had a really good Smithwick’s ale at Conklin’s Irish Rover last Tuesday. Drank S’s beer with PAddy’s chasers with my crazy “coozins” Seamus and John while in Ireland back when. It’s like wine, there’s always something new and yummy out there to find. I’ll watch for Magic Hat in my travels.

  2. My favorite ale: Tupper’s Hop Pocket Ale made right here in VA. Not in most restaurants but Total Wine has it. Get the version with the red cap.

  3. Smithwick’s and Tupper’s, both fine ales I haven’t quaffed in a few years. I’ll have to get both again to refresh the taste buds.

  4. I enjoyed the Roxy as well. I agree, the #9 is a girlie beer.
    Wonder what we’ll be having this weekend in the mtns???

  5. Whatever you drink up there, whether its microbrew or PBR, it will be icy.

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