Oops, but that’s racing!

Erwin (who names their kid that?) Vervecken and Jonathan Page owe a debt of gratitude to the camera moto driver who took out Bart Wellens and Sven Nys at the World Championships. If you don’t know, Nys has won almost everything this year and Wellens has won most everything else, including the national championships in Belgium, where cyclocross is second only to soccer as the national sport.

You can just glimpse Page closing on the front in the video.

This next video shows where Vervecken rode a better line on the last muddy little hill to get away from Page for the win.

Never ride the middle!

No disrespect intended, Mr. Vervecken or Mr. Page, you’d both no doubt lap my slow, old self on your second lap at a cyclocross race and can obviously put the scare in anyone on a good day.


One response to “Oops, but that’s racing!

  1. good stuff,dang frenchies,belgians, whoever, i couldn`t understand a word they were spittin out…………….

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