Back in the saddle

The alarm beeped off at 6:45am. I’d been awake since Audrey woke crying at 5:50. But it was a struggle to get out of bed and go ride. A shot of espresso, a bowl of oatmeal and a diaper change later, I scrambled out the door to drive out to Conte’s on Laskin for the 8am Sunday tempo ride. It was 34 degrees out. Yikes.

Rolling out from the bike shop, the group turned north on First Colonial, instead of south as I expected. I’d thought the ride was heading south to Creeds, but instead because of the cold it stuck to the north end. We did a few laps around Alanton. My fingers were numb, but I was otherwise warm. However, my right groin was still very tight. I’ve figured out that I strained my groin playing soccer, not my hamstring. I almost bailed about a half hour into the ride between my tingling fingers and twitchy groin, but I persevered.

We rolled north up Great Neck, then into Fort Story for hill repeats. I did a handful, including one hard, but stopped to change from my jacket to a vest and help a guy change a flat. Then the group rolled down Atlantic, through Bay Colony and up Laskin back to Conte’s. 36 miles in two hours. My groin had stopped barking at me, but I’m sure it’ll need some streching later.

Several weeks off the bike has definitely cut into my fitness. It was work rather than easy spinning to roll along at 20-21mph in the pace line. Definitely need to start spending more time on the bike. My first race will probably be Camp Hilbert on March 11. Need to get back on the mountain bike too, I guess.


2 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. So now can we start calling you groinie???

  2. Um, no. I think I’m about done whining about it. 🙂

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