I know Norfolk isn’t big enough for bike messengers – downtown is just too small, but I’ve thought it would be cool to have an alleycat race here. It’s basically just a scavenger hunt where riders race point to point, checking in and riding on. Not sure how we’d handle the logistics, but could make for a fun weekend afternoon.

Check out the vid on Play in Traffic Production’s site for an example of the racing, this one in the Bronx. Please note, the language is rough in the video and some of the racing tactics questionable.

I was a bike messenger in DC one summer (long ago) and had a blast, and one visit to the hospital. Taxis suck.


7 responses to “Alleycatting

  1. For sure, it would be great to have one here. The first ever in area most likely.

  2. word! it is totally do-able- cool check point tasks- throw in some drink challenges and everyone could end up at the taphose afterwards for a post race rager-everyone wins.

  3. I’m up for it, but how would we man the checkpoints? How long would we make it? Etc. I can see fun stops like having to buy a donut from the French Bakery and deliver it to the finish and other challenges. I’m all for finishing at the Taphouse.

  4. checkpoints are easy- all you need are some people w/ cellphones who aren’t into the riding part, but are down with the idea. the visitors are playing at the taphouse in april and it would be a great way to end the event and maybe nice enough weather.

  5. hey man, i’m game. i’d be up for helping with the organizing part of it, too. i’ve been reading about the “iron butt” motorcycle challenges, and i think there are some fun aspects to those that we could incorporate- varying points for the degree of difficulty in reaching a goal, plus a time limit.

  6. Rob, we should talk. Could be a lot of fun. We’d have to get enough people to run checkpoints, or figure something else out. How manyy people ’round here do you think would want to race?

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