Down South in St. Pete

Flew to St. Petersburg, Fla., yesterday for an assigning editor seminar at the Poynter Institute of Media Studies. Should be challenging. The weather is nice, 60s, after the recent 20s and 30s in Norfolk.

Went for a run early this AM, 25 minutes along the pretty waterfront. St. Pete protected its waterfront unlike much of Hampton Roads. The leg is feeling much better. Still not running with a lot of speed, but not feeling anywhere near as awkward or uncomfortable as I was.

Saw a few locals out running. They were all wearing tights, hats and jacketsin the 50-something weather! Wimps.

As I was running back toward the hotel in the light rain, I heard and saw a big splash in the basin. I saw a pelican nearby and figured another pelican had just dove for fish, but a moment later I saw the distinctive dorsal fin and slick body of a dolphin. It was feeding on a group of small fish not 10 meters from where I was running. Very cool.


7 responses to “Down South in St. Pete

  1. Sounds like you had a cool run. By the way- I have swimming tonight, not soccer! We are doing a swim-a-thon and team pix at Northside. So far I have collected $25! I have to swim for an hour!! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! I love and miss you- sniff, sniff

  2. Me and Pantoni were wondering why you weren’t at work. Don’t you tell anyone you’re leaving? Sheeesh!

  3. I didn’t know you cared!
    Last week was so busy I was gasping like I was trying to hold on at the Saturday ride! Besides you found out where I am.

  4. florida,on my way………….orlando,sebring,tampa,back 2 orlando…….

  5. Glad you’re back dude!

    I was so bummed out you weren’t around I spent the entire week out at the Beacon. I’ll be down on Tuesday to hang out.

    Glad to hear the hammie is feeling better.

  6. You know what Marco was doing!

  7. We all know what Marco was doing. Hound Dog!

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