Home again, home again

Wow, was that ever a week. Got a lot of ideas crammed into my brain down south in St. Pete at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. It’s supposed to make me a better editor and boss and I suppose it will, if it sticks and the day-to-day doesn’t swamp me. Met a lot of good people and shared a lot of ideas. For something that I genuinely think will reenergize me, I wonder why I’ve been so exhausted the past two days. Maybe it’s a touch of the St. Pete crud everybody seemed to come down with or maybe my brain just needed some downtime.

I only managed to run one other day while there. Michele flew in Tuesday. She and I went out to dinner and basically had each other to ourselves for the first time since I can’t remember when. Twas mighty nice. Had a wonderful dinner at a fancy tapas place called Ceviche on Tuesday, courtesy of a recommendation from Butch Ward, the Poynter faculty and former Inky editor who led our group.

On Wednesday, we hit the Salvador Dali Museum, which got more mind-blowing the longer you spent looking at the paintings. The symbolism almost requires too much thought. That night we hit a Thai/sushi joint, where I enjoyed a rocking green curry. Around the corner was this cool bar called The Independent, which offered up microbrews and assorted European imports on draft, including a fine Chimay Triple I quaffed after dinner. She left Thursday and I focused on wrapping up the seminar.

I finally crossed my own doorstep about midnight Friday and fell thankfully into my own bed. Naturally, Audrey woke me with a huge grin about 6:30am Saturday, but I could forgive. It was so nice to see her and soon both Millie and Ellie. Thanks Mom, Carol and Bob for taking care of them so Michele could get out of Dodge.


3 responses to “Home again, home again

  1. Well, if the seminar does not stick, you can always do beer and restaurant reviews!

  2. Enough of all this sappy stuff, time to ride!!!

  3. yes florida……we were all over that place….we stole everything……..

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