Praise and sympathy. Ellie deserves both this week. Her science project on whether kids remember words in black or color better won first place in the fourth grade!


One of the kids in Ellie’s class remarked to me and another parent at the science fair that Ellie “wins everything.” It does seem that way. We’re very proud of her.

However the poor girl also has come down with the flu. Apparently it’s been running around her school. She started feeling poorly Tuesday evening and has been home since. Michele did run her to the doctor Thursday. They prescribed Tamiflu (which has a $50 co-pay for us! ouch). Then we took her by the school to present her project to the judges. She threw up promptly after finishing. Poor thing.

This flu seems particularly virulent, so I hope the girls and Michele and I can avoid it, but I have my doubts. It’s funny how the power of suggestion can make you think you’re feeling nauseous.


One response to “Illin’

  1. Just wrote a note to Ellie after reading Michele’s entry. What a GAL! She really makes us all proud, and I’m so sorry she’s sick.

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