Slow starting (aka lame-o)

I’ve been slow to get back on the bike this winter. I raced cyclocross until early January, about the same time I hurt myself playing a pickup game with Ellie‘s soccer team. I got real busy at work in late January. It also got real cold (at least for Norfolk). Then I went to a weeklong work-related seminar in mid-Febraury without a bike.

Now I’ve got to get riding again. I did an hour on the trainer last Sunday. Rode to work four days last week plus 21 miles on Wednesday. Still come Saturday I had little motivation to go out in the morning with temps in the low 30s and worse wind chill. Finally got my butt out around 2:30 in the afternoon when the temp climbed over 40 and the northwesterly wind eased a bit. I spun downtown to warmup and then rode out to the airport. I felt great. I went out to Ocean View and, despite riding into the teeth of the wind, went all the way out Willoughby Spit. I think I saw Liz heading east on OV Ave. Back to Granby, Little Creek, Hampton, Colley and home, I got in 35 great miles.

Still this morning, I just couldn’t get out again. I kept eyeing the weather radar, which showed rain all around if not in Norfolk. And then it started. Now I’m sitting here with a beer, having even neglected to climb up on the hated trainer.

Meant to go watch the Snowball Crit, the first training race of the year for the local roadies, but the rain kept me home. I just need to figure out what I’m doing this spring. I know come fall and early winter, I’m doing mountain bike races, Ironcross and then cyclocross. But this spring I could go several routes. I could finally make a real effort to move out of Cat 5 by doing more than two road races, I could do some more offroad triathlons leading up to June’s Xterra Richmond, which I’ve managed to finish without drowning the past few years, or I could just continue the half-ass, unplanned randomness that has constituted my past few springs.

Whatever I do, it’s going to be a slow spring.


5 responses to “Slow starting (aka lame-o)

  1. Motivation is hard to come by at this time of year when it’s chilly outside. I should be riding Golden every day, and I’m not. I’ll be thinkng about that very thing once I get back to work and wondering what the bleap was wrong with my motivation.

  2. Not me that day on the avenue! I kinda feel bad for the chick who looks like me though!

  3. You’re riding more than me!

  4. I somehow find that very hard to believe.

  5. I’m on the same program, pal

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