Ba-bye Jannie! Say it aint so, George…

Jan Ullrich ist kaput. Der Kaiser ist ein pensionist.

My German may be spotty, but the man who would beat Lance next time is no more.
Love Patrick O’Grady’s take. (As a mater of fact O’Grady’s liberal take on a lot of things is fun reading.) O’Grady actually makes Jan seem like a fun guy to hang out with, but then there’s that whole did-he-cheat question.

I’m guessing Jannie doesn’t really want to know what’s in those Spanish blood bags.


Meanwhile in California, the hard luck continues to stalk George Hincapie, America’s lone hard man and budding real estate developer. After crashing out (above) of his beloved Paris-Roubaix last year, George crashed early in stage 6 of the Vuelta de California on Saturday. He climbed back on the bike, drove the chase to hunt down Stuart O’Grady’s break and then got an X-ray. Like Bart Wellens at the cross worlds, Georgie finished the race with broken wrist and his spring classics season is over before it even began.

These hard men are something else. I’d still be crying by the roadside!


2 responses to “Ba-bye Jannie! Say it aint so, George…

  1. I haven’t kept up–Jan is out in a permanant way?

  2. He’s retired. Ein pensionist = a retiree. He decided to just give up rather than go through a taxing battle that wipes out his savings like Floyd or Tyler.

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