Another fine day

Tired now. It’s been another fine day. Marco picked me up a little before 8 and we booked up to Freedom Park in Williamsburg for a few laps of the trail in the cold and wind. It was more than a little nipply standing around getting ready to ride in the parking lot. But once we got moving in the woods, we warmed up quick.

Even a bad day in the woods is a good one. My legs were fried after yesterday’s hard ride and Marco kept dropping me like I was a beginner clydesdale. But we were spinning along narrow, twisty, soft sand and pine needle trails, enjoying Freedom’s mellow rollers. Even if I was tired and I was slogging a bit, it was great to be out there. That was my first time on the mountain bike since the last Camp Hilbert race. The K2 needs a little TLC. We got home a little after noon.

This afternoon, I made my second trip to the Peninsula. Michele and Ellie were taking Grandma to a play – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – at the Ferguson Center for the Arts at Christopher Newport University. Ellie blogged it. After dropping them off, I took Amelia and Audrey to the Virginia Living Museum for two hours.

We had a blast. The animals on the outdoor trail were very active. They must like the chillier weather. The otters were going nuts, swimming straight at the glass where you watch them, then shooting up to the surface. Audrey was scared at how they came at her until she realized the glass protected her. The red wolves were up and about. The bobcat played with a pinecone, batting it around, then paced back and forth along the fence, looking up at us. Inside we spent a long time looking at and identifying fish in the big tanks.

We picked up Michele, El and Grandma and hoofed it over to Trader Joe’s. I left $116 lighter, but we got a lot for out money. The foods are awesome. I just wish there were one in Norfolk. We’d do a heck of a lot more shopping there.


2 responses to “Another fine day

  1. SOunds like a fun day. I visited Nana and Dick and now she’s going to take her very sick cat to my vet this afternoon. Buddy is failing fast and I’m concerned and suggested a second opinion. Mom is at her wit’s end, so she called this AM and got an appt. The cat is so sick, I’m glad she’s doing this. Animals! It’s the same as having kids! Finished off the day with fresh caught rockfish at a friend’s house in Ocean View and a good bottle of Smoking Loon Viognier. More on Buddy later.

  2. It was a good ride and I’m looking forward to doing it again real soon!

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