Magnificent Millie (aka Amazing Amelia)

My 4-year-old Amelia, aka Millie, played her first soccer game and scored her first goal today! She wasn’t sure she wanted to even play, but once we got her on the field with the ball she warmed right up. Ellie took the photo above.
At this age soccer is just gang ball.
Every now and then the ball pops loose toward the goal and someone kicks it in. Millie scored on just such a breakaway.

She also performed onstage with her preschool class on Friday. She’s very exuberant up there. She really belts out her songs.

Millie’s also developed a very distinct artistic style. She draws tall. An artist friend of mine says she’s drawwing from her perspective. From her height everybody has long legs. This is a recent drawing. I call it Millie and the swiss cheese or the giant speckled trout, but she says it’s snow.

She’s also begun signing her name in the same distinct style.

As for the rest of us, it was a nice Saturday. The temps bubbled up into the mid-60s. Very nice. Ellie‘s soccer team also played, but one of the best girls was out with strep and another fell and may have broken her wrist. Ellie showed some slick moves and had several good shots on goal, but they were either stopped or went a hair wide. Since they were short of girlpower (only one substitute), they also got real tired. They lost 2-0. They do get to play this team again and I think they’re eager for revenge.

I haven’t been feeling well the past few days. Just a general nausea. Kept expecting it to get worse, but it doesn’t. It just lingers annoyingly. I’m trying to ignore it. So I rode the bike down 12 or so miles down to Ellie’s game in Chesapeake and back afterwards. While I didn’t feel super, I think it actually made me feel better. Depending on how I feel in the AM, I’ll drive to Camp Hilbert for the MTB race.


3 responses to “Magnificent Millie (aka Amazing Amelia)

  1. Sorry I missed Millie’s game-watched the clock ’til 3 AM the night before and couldn’t get up Sat morning in time. Hope the next game is a tad later! love the pics!

  2. Hey, those little soccer players are super cute!

    Isn’t youth sports the greatest?

  3. ain’t parenthood grand!

    my son is not so into soccer
    at 5
    I am not worried

    of course I signed him up for next season just the same

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