Camp Hilbert results

I didn’t come in last, but it was darn close. The results from the first Camp Hilbert race are up at I came in 18th out of 21 starters and 20 finishers in expert vet. My first two laps, before my mechanical, were real consistent at just over 34 minutes each. The last lap took nearly 38 minutes between my failing endurance, stopping to wrap the busted spoke around its neighbor and the subsequent shifting problems. If I’d been able to keep up my pace, I might have moved up a couple places. Still I finished a good 15 minutes behind the expert vet winner (that’s five minutes per lap!) Long way to go in this new class.

As to the rest of the team, Bill G. finished 9th in expert vet and K-Dawg made it to the port-a-john on time. Tim got a great 4th in the very old men’s class. Crazy DNF’d. And we all had a good time.

Danbo made it to last night’s recovery ride around Norfolk. My legs hurt. I pushed it a bit over the Hampton Blvd. bridge, but it was too much like work and I settled in for easy spinning. Niether Bill nor Tim (Monday regulars) showed, but the sun stayed up longer and it was nice riding in the light instead of the dark.


2 responses to “Camp Hilbert results

  1. All I needed was one more lap…

  2. still good-you’re out there doing it instead of watching telly. I’m going for a walk…

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