Only in Japan – the bike coaster


Found this pedal-powered amusement park ride while strolling around the blogoshpere. The picture above is of the dreaded third curve. More pics are available at and at this ridiculously funny Google translation.


6 responses to “Only in Japan – the bike coaster

  1. Scary looking thang. Not for the faint of heart or thigh and glutes.

  2. Yes, very scary lookin. As long as it does not point downward at any point, it would be fine, but I am sure there are drops. And they do not look strapped in. . . it’s stressful to even think about being on that thing!

  3. imagine being on there with floyd,lance,and basso, that thing would really fly…………

  4. It would probably derail and sail into the abyss.

  5. that does look cool!

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