Ich verlange ein Speedvagen von Vanilla*



* – I desire a Speedvagen from Vanilla

I’m getting obsessed. This cross ride is soooo sweet looking.

Sacha White’s Vanilla Workshop in Portland, Ore., will make 30 Speedvagens before the 2007 cross season. It’s a way to circumvent the otherwise four-year waiting list for one of his custom steeds. And it’s his first stab at limited run production as opposed to all-out custom. He starts taking “applications” at 8am April Fools Day, first-come, first served. I’m guessing West Coast time. Am I a fool?

Did I say I want one? Anybody have $3K they just want to give me?


4 responses to “Ich verlange ein Speedvagen von Vanilla*

  1. That thing is freaking sweet!

  2. wow . did i say WOW…….

  3. super hot!

  4. Classy !

    I love that simplicity of urban commuters:
    Giant Cityspeed, Trek SOHO, Pashley gov’nor…

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