Trial by time

If that was a trial, I’m guilty. Toss the key.

Raced the Conquer the Canal Time Trial, a 12-mile out and back race against the clock on the old Route 17 in Chesapeake, this morning. I arrived a little late and did a few miles warm-up. Then I noticed it was getting kind of late and I booked down to the start.

Too late. The guy who was supposed to start about a minute behind me was getting ready to go and another guy who should have been behind me was already well down the road. They yelled at me to go, so I just kept rolling at least 45 seconds to a minute late. So much for mental prep. I rolled south into the headwind, which was more annoying than I’d anticipated. I pushed along flickering between 21.5 and 22mph, thinking I’d power it up after the turn. Well I did, but not nearly as much as I’d hoped. I rolled back between 24-25mph, hurting the whole way. About halfway back, I slowed and had to stand to get my speed back up. I passed three guys on the way back and another caught me just before the end. The last mile or so, seeing the finish, I was able to get it up to between 26-28mph.

My official time was 31:22, not great at all, but within the top 20 out of 48 registrants. I doubt they adjusted for my late start, but I don’t know. I also don’t know what difference riding a time trial bike would have made. Don’t own one and won’t unless it magically falls in my lap. I was on my road bike in the drops the whole time.

The team did well. Bill G was second by 7 seconds in Cat 4, the women dominated with a several first places and top 3s.

Tomorrow is the TowneBank Criterium on Langley Speedway over in Hampton. As long as it doesn’t rain, I have higher hopes for that race.


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