Crit racing-track style

I raced the TowneBank Crit this afternoon at the Langley Speedway in Hampton. Had fun, made a few digs, spent some time off the front, missed both two-man breaks, stayed upright, attacked on the last lap, got passed by one guy and held on for 6th. Track racing is fast.

Michele and the girls made it out and took a bunch of pics. Here’s Millie, I’m just above her head.

Here I am jumping off the front for while. Only lasted five laps, but JB blocked nicely for me. The winning counter went as I was getting reeled back in and needed a rest.

Tried to organize a chase, but the Frogs and the college boys were blocking well.

I sat in for a while, behind JB (thanks, again) and got some rest. The pace got whipped up in the last few laps, but going into the bell lap the guys on the front came off the gas at the back of turn two, I jumped to the inside and just hammered. Some guy flew by me on the third turn, but I put my head down, got tunnel vision and just pounded it out. I barely held off the chase for 6th.

Leaving the infield with the family. I was so glad they came. They don’t get to watch me race often.

And one for Kevin, since he’s got a thing for the birdies. This osprey lorded over the track from his perch atop one of the light poles.

I got some team pics coming. I’ll post ’em later.


5 responses to “Crit racing-track style

  1. Chris – Nice race on Sunday and congrats on the 6th. I really like the 1st pic of you daughter since that’s me leading the charge for AAB Racing. (The next shot is me trying to recover several laps left in the race trying not to fall off the back.) I think you and I had the same strategy, find a big and powerful rider (JB) and sit on his wheel.

  2. Good seein’ you out there, and great to have you on the roster finally.

    I’m just happy to have survived unscathed.

    They should be ashamed for attacking with a man down on the ground. Bush League.

  3. Wheres yer flames boy! Good to see you and the fam out there!

  4. Nice picture of the Osprey Chris!

  5. Somebody get that man a Tri-Power jersey!

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