Hard ride, good ride

Somehow managed to get out to the Great Bridge ride of death again last night. Once again the pace was screaming. I was sitting two wheels behind GeneR on Head of River when he pushed the pace to 30. The guy in front of me disconnected, I reconnected, but couldn’t hold it. I was anaerobic and just couldn’t sustain that. Gene’s first interval shattered the group and about 6 riders rode away with him.

I waited for a couple other dropped riders and we made it to Blackwater. Heading south, I saw a couple of SRRacing guys, including young Tyler, about 100 meters back, so I dropped back and pulled them up. I felt great and was pulling 24-25 into the headwind and later 28-29 with the tailwind. We shed a few riders and picked up two others dropped by the faster group.

In the end, I rolled up 33.4 miles in 1:24, averaging 23.7mph. That’s a fast ride for me. Unlike many recent rides, I walked away from this one feeling great. The legs weren’t a stiff, achy mess like they have been after hard rides the past few weeks. Hopes that bodes well.


3 responses to “Hard ride, good ride

  1. Glad you made it out there chris! That ride is brutal. Harder than most races…

  2. You had some really strong pulls last night. It was a suffer fest all around. We certainly did not slack too much in our group either.

  3. I hope to get out there soon. Sound like fun. (Why does it sound like fun, I’m not sure!)

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