The girl can rock (and run)

The tifosi were out early this morning chalking up the finishing straight for their favorite runners at the elementary school fun run.

Ellie got off to a good, measured start thanks to her friend Annemarie. Several other 4th-grade girls bolted way out ahead, but she and Annemarie paced themselves.

Ellie made her move a little past this turn, just keeping up her pace as many of the girls started to fade after a quarter mile. She still had one girl to catch, who was clearly starting to wilt, but would sprint ahead whenever Ellie got near.

Meanwhile, she was passing boys left and right (they started a minute earlier), and she finally passed the last girl for good around the back of the school. Then she was flying to the finish. I had to sprint all out to keep up with her in the finishing straight. She can run.

Yes, that’s first place! Way to go girl!


3 responses to “The girl can rock (and run)

  1. Wow, Ellie the fleet-footed girl! Congratulations on winning FIRST PLACE! How did Anne-Marie place?

  2. Great strategy, and congrats to Ellie 🙂 I don’t quite understand the rocks part of the title—do they carry rocks as a handycap?

  3. that is awesome! way to go

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