Making the race


Tripower put on a great race in the Norfolk Cycling Classic on Sunday and also put up a great day of results. In the masters race, MarcG got 2nd and Danbo got 4th with a great last lap attack. I missed the women’s race because I was warming up, but Carol won the sprint and Laura was 3rd. In Cat 4, Tim scored 4th, while the recently upgraded Manimal from All About Bikes got 2nd in his first race in his new category.

In my race, I took some advice from MarcG, who suggested I attack on the first lap with a couple other riders. Well, I attacked on the 180 turn right after the start and Fat Frogs strong man Anthony came with me. We lit it up for a few laps to build a 10-second lead. One by one a handful of other riders joined us during the race and we worked togther, so the big group never came back to us. I was cooked during the last third of the race and had to work hard to stay in the attack I initiated. So I clung onto the rear and recovered whenever I could, but the gusting northeasterly wind made it hard to find anyplace to rest. On the bell lap, our group stayed together until the last turn and the sprint opened with Anthony leading out. I came from the back on the wheel of a young guy in Virginia Tech kit. Two Casey riders took out 1st and 2nd, James from Chesapeake (?) sprinted for third and I just couldn’t close the gap enough to nip him, settling for fourth. At least, after missing the breaks in my first two crits, I made the race this time. (Thanks to BJ for the photo above, which was shot on Commercial Place as we rode straight into the teeth of the wind, but before the swirling wind tunnel of Main Street! And thanks to everyone out there cheering.)

Also, taking some other advice from MarcG, I wore some Belgian Knee Warmers (check out this very cool site) in the form of Ozone Warming Oil. Definitely did the trick, keeping my legs warm despite the cool air and gusting wind. In fact, my legs felt peppery all day.


2 responses to “Making the race

  1. Great picture of you. What an awful wind to have to contend with for your race. I know I’m your mom, but I think 4th is great on such a tough racing day!

  2. Hi Chris, Just sent your site to Ry. Thot he’d
    enjoy. xoxo

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