Ellie represents!

Eleanor raced her first road race earlier today at the City Center at Oyster Point Crit. It was a warm-up lap followed by a rolling start race lap. She hit it and rolled away from the group for her first road win. One more than her Daddy. She wore a borrowed Tripower jersey (thanks Laura!), representing the new team. She also raced with BJ’s granddaughter and made a new friend.

Here’s the finish:

She got a medal and had a great time. We might see more of her this year.

My race report will have to wait until tomorrow, but check back – Michele shot some good video.


5 responses to “Ellie represents!

  1. Awesome! I am glad she had fun.

  2. Super cool!

  3. She is very competitive, and athletic! Good Job

  4. are ya sure she yours?////?

  5. Not a doubt in my mind. It’s in the face, in the eyes, in the behavior and definitely in the attitude.

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