Life, beer, biking and everything

We all have those times when the pace of life picks up and it seems to shriek at you so fast it’s hard to get a grip, let alone take a moment to blog about it. The past two weeks have been that way for me. My boss left for a conference in California, leaving me in charge of the Biz team for a week when we had a major story break about alternative fuel plants. That led to more than a one 12-hour day.

Fortunately, last weekend broke it up. I hade a great ride Saturday morning. That afternoon I took Ellie to select soccer tryouts and she did well. Then that evening, Michele threw a birthday party for me. She whipped up some killer barbeque. For the first time my coworkers and biking buddies shared he same space. A good time was had by all, but especially K-Dawg, Arturo and BillG, who literally stumbled in from the beer festival. Thanks to all who brought a little something. The beer may slow me down, but it makes life more fun.

The next day, I swapped out the tires on my road bike and headed south to Chesapeake to try to meet some teammates on the Teeuwen course. I was dogging it. Felt terrible. Rode around the course slower than I have ridden a bike in while. Blamed the party and the wind. K-Dawg, Crazy and Brenna passed right at the end of the course, but I was shot and doodled on home. Running out of fluids, I stopped at a 7-Eleven to buy some Gatorade. As I left, I realized my rear wheel was sticking. The brake was rubbing badly. Discovered 42 miles into a 51-mile ride. Doh!

My Mom had us over for dinner with Nana, Dick and the in-laws that night. She made an awesome seafood lasagna that I couldn’t really enjoy because my allergies flared badly that afternoon. I was miserable, but enjoyed hanging with the family and eating well as usual at my Mom’s!

Missed the Monday night ride because of work, but caught up with them and joined for a beer at Cogan’s in honor of TimS’ birthday. Tuesday was another rough day at work. And Wednesday was my actual 40th. Turned out to be another longish day at work, but I got out at a reasonable time because the boss came back. Michele made a rocking tuna dish with a Thai peanut pasta. Yum! And she also made my favorite dessert, her Kentucky bourbon pie! The girls all sang as I blew out a single candle in the pie.

Thursday and Friday were more sane, but crazy in their own way. Saturday I rode, but the allergies were driving me nuts. It’s hard to cough at 29mph. I got the miles in, but it hurt. Then it was off to the opening day pool party. Oh, and not to forget, we’ve also been hanging with my sister-in-law and nieces who are in from Munich, Germany. Nice to see them. Your girls are darling, Stephen.


2 responses to “Life, beer, biking and everything

  1. Outstanding photos!

  2. I gotta try that Thai peanut pasta!!!

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