No Quarter Park

Rolled up to New Quarter Park in Williamsburg on Sunday morning with K-Dawg, Marco and Gener. It was old home week in the parking lot. Saw James from the P’Towne days. And Dave and Pam were there. Pam wasn’t riding – still not up to it after her bad crash a few weeks ago at the Oyster Point race. She seemed OK. Hope she bounces back quickly. Dave is taking good care of her.

The pictures above are after our first “parade” lap around the 6-mile loop. We followed Dave and rolled along pretty fast. For me it was getting acquainted with a new trail. It was fun, fast and rolly; twisting, but not too twisty, if you know what I mean. There were a couple of blind corners that were easy to overshoot as you rolled out of a fast section.

The second lap, Kevin shot off, calling to me at the back of the group to chase. Bye Kev. Gene took up the chase, but dorked something and went down. Then I tried. I saw Kevin briefly, but that was it. Gene and Marc caught back up and we rolled it along before Gene accelerated away toward the end.

Since it was so darn hot – mid-90s for the first time, we took a water break before heading back in for a third lap. I went to the front and just hit it, trying to see how long I could last. We were flying. Gene on my wheel and Kevin behind him. There were a few places where I got that beautiful feeling of flow on the trail, but about halfway through I started to tire and right around 4 miles I almost went down on a digger in some sand. I kept it upright, but Kevin, bypassing a log crossing, passed Gene and I and naturally Gene couldn’t resist. And they were off. I eased up a bit and finally drank and rolled on back.

Every day is a good day on the bike.


3 responses to “No Quarter Park

  1. What an awesome place to ride. Combined that with seeing some old friends; James & Greg, seeing Pam up and about and getting to ride with my pals and we had the makings of a great MTB ride!

    I wish we could do it every weekend 🙂

  2. What are ya doing next weekend??? WQQT

  3. Hey, Sounds like you’re feeling better at last. And Happy Anniversary (the next day), too! Is that 12 years now? WOW!

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