Birthday Beers #1 and #2

This was the year of beer for my birthday. My friends know me well. Enjoyed two of the 22 ouncers I got this past weekend. They couldn’t have been more different.


The first was a Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewery in Oregon. I’d seen this before, but never bought it. I’ve been missing out big time. This was really good. It’s a malty German-style Maibock. Very hearty. According to Rogue’s Web site, it was originally brewed to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead. How cool is that? Thanks Marco.


The second was a refreshing Harbin Lager. This big surprise comes from a China’s oldest brewery, which is now owned by Anheuser-Busch. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but it was a fine lager. Very clean, not at all tinny like so many cheap lagers. Great for the end of a hot day. And much better than a Budweiser. Thanks Bob.


One response to “Birthday Beers #1 and #2

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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