Birthday Beers #3 (too sweet for me) and #4

The Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale is a big brown with high alcohol content – 7.2 percent. It’s brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery at Rehoboth Beach, Del., which bills it as a cross between a Scotch ale, an IPA and an American brown. It’s hoppy with oatmeal notes. But the overwhelming thing about this one for is a cloying molasses-like sweetness. Not that it isn’t drinkable, but it’s just too sweet for me. I can see where others might love it. This was given to me as part of a six-pack sampler for my birthday. I can’t wait to dig in to the rest, but I’ve got to be careful. The Dogfish Head IBA packs 238 calories in 12 ounces and a bike racer must watch his figure.

No. 4 was a Shipyard Export Ale, the flagship of Portland, Maine’s Shipyard Brewing Co. It was also from the sampler pack. To me this was simply a good ale that you can’t go wrong with. Not to sweet, easy hop finish. If I had anything to gripe about it was that it was so middle of the road, it didn’t distinguish itself. But I will definitely drink it again.


2 responses to “Birthday Beers #3 (too sweet for me) and #4

  1. good work at the amphib base…….

  2. Yes, good race to all Dinsmores.

    The beer reviews are always appreciated, esp with the photos. I agree w/ you about Dogfish and Shipyard is next on my list!

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