Stay tuned

Huge update coming. I raced Saturday at the Amphibious Assault Crit and so did Ellie. And I raced again Sunday at Camp Hilbert on my mountain bike. I’ve got good video, I think from the Assault of the finishes of the Cat 5 race, the women’s race and the Cat 1/2/3 race. I’ll get them up as soon as I get time.


5 responses to “Stay tuned

  1. It was great to meet you yesterday and to ride together for a while. You were killin’ it. Smooth.

  2. Can’t wait to see the sprint finish from the crit on Saturday as I drop from 2nd wheel to finish 11th.

  3. Looks who’s the #1 CAT 5 in the state.

    Saturday results are up at USACYCLING

  4. Thanks, Mark. I was killin’ it trying to stay in front of you. Those vets are fast.
    And Albe thanks for pointing that out. It won’t last.

  5. WOW #1 CAT 5 in the STATE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Just read the above and learned that!

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