Shortest race ever (and an appropos beer)

Spent my $38 to register, $30 for a tankful of gas, then drove to Richmond this morning. Warmed up a little. Laid my bike down. Did the ridiculously short 50 meter Le Mans start. Leapt on my bike. Followed the pros and other experts into the woods. Not 200 meters in: whish, whish, whish, whish. The unmistakable sound of puncture. And this time it was me. Whatever it was gashed my tubeless tire and I didn’t have anything to fill that big a hole. Race over in 45 seconds. Bummer. I was looking forward to the Urban Assault since I really like those trails in the James River Park system in downtown Richmond. I’ve raced the Xterra there the past four years, but with little running and no swimming this year, I just planned to hit the mountain bike race. Oh well.


So in honor of my shortened race, I popped open a Tire Bite Golden Ale from Flying Dog Brewery in Colorado, one of my birthday brews, when I got home to drown my sorrows. Regardless of the taste this beer had cool graphics whipped up by none other than Ralph Steadman, who also famously illustrated “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” It is mildly flavored. Something about the finish I’m not wild about, something metallic, almost like a piece of brass. It’s billed as refreshing, but I just want to get another beer out of the fridge.


3 responses to “Shortest race ever (and an appropos beer)

  1. Sorry to hear chris! I did almost the same as you last year. I did the short LeMans run, rode a little, and didn’t even make it into the woods when a stick jumped into my drivetrain and ripped my derailuer off and broke my chain. Race over! I feel your pain bro. Oh, and I like that beer a lot!

  2. Bummer-can you do a repair on the trail? I imagine not, especially if it’s a major gouge…Guess this stuff happens. Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!

  3. damn that sucks… Sorry to hear it. I saw a pro XTERRA rider walking his bike off the course yesterday, double flat. Love the JRP trails, Hate the glass and nastiness…

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