El’s first summer meet’s a treat

Ellie swam a fantastic meet today against Great Bridge Swim Club. She got two individual firsts in the 50-meter free and 25-meter butterfly. Check out the video of her fly:

Fortunately her swimming is much better than my camera work. She also swam to fourth in a tight 25-meter breast stroke, less than a second behind first, and both her relays got second with Ellie swimming very strong opening legs.

I got up early and rode the bike down to the meet, rolling up 30 miles and hooking up with the All About Bikes ride for a while. Almost crashed in a corner as I followed Stephen with Andy on my wheel as we were winding up for sprint. The rear tire went soft. I let it slide out and kept upright somehow. You just never know.


One response to “El’s first summer meet’s a treat

  1. Hello Ellie,

    Excellent job. Despite the questionable camera work, it’s clear you’ve got very good butterfly. Whatever you do, though, never let them talk you into the 200 butterfly. I did that a couple times (I was 15 or 16) and it nearly killed me. But, who knows, you’re so good in butterfly maybe you’ll love the 200 butterfly. See what happens.

    Lots of the good stuff,

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