Getting my long ride on

With much of the team racing Reston, or feeling Cranky, I decided to take a hit of LSD – long, slow distance – all by my lonesome.

Headed out of Norfolk across the Berkley Bridge, down Bainbridge to Dominion. Crossed the bridge that the Pilot has spilled so much ink on with its cheese (and skin) grater deck, cars and trucks flying by at 55 and no shoulder. Right at Moses Grady and down the old 17 to the new bike trail. 20 miles.

Down the trail as far it goes and back to Ballahack, then all the way across to 168. Up a short way to Indian Creek via Gallbush Road. 40 miles. Stopped at Northwest River Park to top off the water bottles. Devoured some Fig Newtons and enjoyed a Coke. Indian Creek to Blackwater. Up Blackwater to Head of River to Long Ridge to Land of Promise. 60 miles.

Turned right on Whittamore to Centreville to Fentress to Mount Pleasant to Battlefield to Great Bridge Blvd. and back to Bainbridge. Over the bridge, through downtown on Granby. 80 miles.

Home. 82.5 miles in under 4:30. Nice and easy. Oddly enough, I don’t even feel fried, tired or like I even worked that hard. In fact it was kind of refreshing. A good trip.


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