El’s swim meet against rival Norfolk Yacht

Ellie got a chance to swim the 25-meter freestyle on Saturday against our club’s archrival Norfolk Yacht Club. She swam a great free as you can see in the video above. (She’s the third lane from the left.) She outtouched the girl from Norfolk Yacht to score the blue ribbon by .01 seconds with a time of 17.38 seconds. She’s also very close to our club U-10 girls record of 16.63 seconds. In fact, the current record holder jokingly remarked to me that Ellie really should be swimming 50 free!

Ellie also swam the breast stroke and backstroke, but not the butterfly, despite winning in that stroke at last week’s meet. She scored 4th in the breast, but also swam a remarkably strong back, which she calls her worst stroke. She’s wrong. She’s very fluid and has great rotation as you can see below. (She’s second lane from the right at the start.) She got second in her heat, which was the 4th of 5. Her heat winner got 2nd overall. Ellie needs to work on her finish; she could have touched the wall quicker and got an even better time than the 24 seconds flat she swam for 6th place.

Ellie also swam two great freestyle relays. Her mixed relay got 1st to open the meet and here’s a video of the girls’ 100-meter relay that closed the meet (they’re in the third lane from the top at the start):

The girls were amazing. And so was Ellie, of whom, if you can’t tell, I’m so proud.


3 responses to “El’s swim meet against rival Norfolk Yacht

  1. Hey Elle, Way to go girl!!!! Can’t wait for you to
    try the moves in Lake WEntworth!

  2. I think she’s taken the Norfolk symbol, the Mermaid, to heart and is doing her best to become one!

  3. Hey, an idea here-could you indicate on these videos which lane Ellie is in or maybe just say “she’s the third lane in”, or whatever? It would be fun to be able to really tell which one she is cuz they all look the same in the video.

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