Millie rides a bike!

There’s cool – I rode my first race as a Cat 4 this weekend; then there’s uber cool. While I was at work Monday, Michele worked with Millie on riding a bike without training wheels. They started in the field, but graduated quickly to the sidewalk. Little 4-year-old Millie picked it up quickly and, by the time I got home, was scooting down the sidewalk with ease.

She still can’t start on her own, but she’s correcting her balance with little turns and getting it. Before long she’ll be riding all over just like her big sister. I’ll have to start a juniors team!


5 responses to “Millie rides a bike!

  1. that is so cool, millie

    Way to go, millie! now you can take on Ellie! Nonnie

  2. Awesome,
    Congrats Millie.

  3. she`s a natural….

  4. That is the coolest of all videos. When I asked a group of middle school kids to tell about their most memorable bike moment, nearly all told of the first time w/ out training wheels. She will love watching this video later! I am curious–is she able to brake yet?

  5. Yes, she’s got braking down too. My little star.

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