A trip to the Old Country

Chose to take Tuesday off two weeks ago for a trip to Busch Gardens Europe with the family. Little did I know the temps would soar into the upper 90s. It was a little warm to say the least, so we chose to get really wet as many times as we could. First thing we went to ride the Roman Rapids:

Michele and the girls had fun on the teacups:

Millie – finally tall enough to hit some bigger rides – then rode the Escape from Pompeii water ride with me as Ellie (afraid of the drop) waited to get splashed. We all got wet.


Then we headed over toward the new Griffin dive coaster. All I can say is wow. Michele and I both rode it. I got on the front on the far left. The way that thing hangs up for a few seconds at the top of the drop is perfect. You stare down into the abyss, then drop. It was fast and smooth. None of the jerkiness associated with some of the coasters – like the Big Bad Wolf, which Millie rode with me later. She loved the first half, but said the big drop toward the end was too scary and too fast. And I felt a tad whiplashed by those last few turns.

Still, 4-year-old Millie was game for anything from riding the Wolf with Daddy to taking her little sister Audrey on splashless water feature in Dragon Land:

The girls played and got all wet again in Dragon Land. Thankfully we brought bathing suits.


Later, we wandered through Germany and hits the swings. Listen to Millie about halfway through this video. Think she was having fun? Caution this video could be vertigo-inducing:

We stayed late, eating dinner at the Festhaus (expensive and mediocre), and had a grand time. Can’t wait to go again.


2 responses to “A trip to the Old Country

  1. Arrrgh, Wish I’d been there. I wanna go. Funny Millie on the swings, and how great is it that she rode the Wolf? Did she do Loch Ness? What fun, a video on the swings!

  2. good clean family fun!!!

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