Fabulous Cancellara (and another)


I’ve got to admit, I’m not as rabid about this year’s Tour as I’ve been in the past. Last year, I was real excited to see how the first post-Armstrong tour would shake out. And I was thrilled to see Floyd first suffer, then come back back and win with such a stunning ride. Only he can really say whether he cheated, but the evidence looks shaky at best. Still all the doping allegations and confessions cast a pall over the entire Euro race scene for me as a fan. It’s impossible to know who’s not cheating. Yesterday’s hero is today’s goat.

But the past few days racing at the Tour have been really cool. First, Robbie McEwen crashes 20 kilometers from the finish, team time trials back to the peloton, works his way through the field and leaps away from the driving pack for a win. For Stage 2, Tom Boonen’s lead-out man Gert Steegmans dropped the hammer so hard that Boonen couldn’t get around and Steegmans looked like the most surprised man in Belgium. And yesterday, Fabian Cancellara honored the yellow jersey like few others in since Hinault or possibly Merckx, attacking in the final kilometer to finish off a breakaway and then holding off the charge of the sprinters including Zabel and Boonen. True panache.

Props are also due to my teammate BJ, who rode to a silver medal in her age group in the time trial at nationals. It’s her second year in a row on the podium.



Chapeaus, Cancellara and BJ!


One response to “Fabulous Cancellara (and another)

  1. I agree those wins were some of the coolest I have ever seen.

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