Tour de Olde Towne

Saturday’s Tour de Port was more like the Tour de Olde Towne, starting on High Street, turning north on Crawford Parkway, then bashing down Court Street past all the old homes. I had to leave Ellie’s swim meet a little early to make my Cat 4 race.


This great shot from JB shows Bill G, Tim S and I toward the front early in the race. I felt fairly confident and comfortable in my Cat 4 debut. I attacked on Lap 5 or so and went for an early prime of a Giro helmet. I need a new helmet. Unfortunately Bender from SR Racing joined me and there was no coming around him. The sprint cooked me, so I dropped back.

Tim got away in another breakaway and once I’d recovered I went to front to help Bill and Art block. Their breakaway stuck, so with five laps to go, I went for another prime and won $25 – my first road racing earnings. While 10 guys were up the road in the large breakaway, there were still some Virginia BAR points on the line for Bill, so I came to front again on the bell lap as the group turned onto Court Street to lead him out. The rough stretch of road seemed to last forever, even as I ramped the speed up. I wanted to take Bill around the corner on to High for the finishing straightaway, but I hit a pot hole, which threw me off and he was on his own.

I rolled across well down, not contesting the sprint. We rode with sensors on our bikes, which delivered a lot of speed and positioning data. Not sure I get it all or what value it has, but I guess it’s interesting to look at.

Michele brought the girls over later and Millie raced the kids race. Wish I could spin like this:

She had a blast. Here she is posing after the race.



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