Tour de Crash’peake


Once again, Ellie represented for Tripower, riding the flames in the juniors race and toughing out the wind for second place for 10-14 girls. Not bad for a 9-year-old!My Cat 4 race started very fast. The first few laps rocketed along at nearly 30 miles per hour and I was just hanging on and wondering if I would pop off. Eventually Bill G got away with SR’s Bender and an AAB rider and I found my legs and moved to the front to help out with the blocking. The AAB rider dropped back, so Stephen the Manimal started attacking to try to bridge. I marked three or four of his attacks. Finally he attacked real hard from the right side and I tried to cover from the left, but I was too far off his wheel and he was far too strong. Gassed I dropped to the back for the a few laps.

With two to go Bill and Bender got pulled back and as we entered the bell lap, I tried to move up on the left side when suddenly chaos broke out in front of me as riders went tumbling. I slammed on my brakes and eked just to the right of the pile-up. However, 20 riders flew around the corner 150 meters away. With no money or points left on the line, I soft-pedaled the remainder of the lap until I saw a crash in the final corner. As I rolled aroudn the corner I saw Tim S aka Father Time sitting dazed in the grass and a few other riders on the side. I finished just behind Bill who was forced to bunny hop into the grass to avoid going down. Manimal stayed upright and got second in what looked to be a photo finish. (Breaking news is Stephen is joining Tripower. Welcome. Next time I won’t have to chase you down.)

Rolled back to the crash site where Tim was picking up the pieces. His frame and front wheel were trashed. And he took a good blow, but he’ll be OK. Someone took a bad line going into the final corner and messed up the entire front group.

I love to ride and race, but this crashing thing is nuts. I’ve been down unexpectedly in a crit myself. Sometimes I think it’s just not worth it, but the rush is amazing. Just got to be careful.

Millie also raced again, getting third again and having fun. She wasn’t her usual vigorous self though and by night-night time was burning up a massive fever and throwing up. After a couple of days she’s fine, but it’s so sad to see your kid feeling so down.


One response to “Tour de Crash’peake

  1. Good job both Ellie and Millie. Very nice video. I need to call on Father Time to say hey.

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