All-star and MVP


It’s funny how you don’t get tired of your own child’s success. I hope I’m not driving everyone crazy bragging on my girl. Ellie did it again, qualifying for the swim league’s All-Star meet next Saturday in both 25-meter freestyle and 25-meter butterfly. That means that her times in both events were among the top-12 for all 10-and-under girls across the 24-team league. And she’s only 9. I’m very proud of her, if you can’t tell.She also was recognized as the most valuable 10-and-under girl swimmer on her team at the team banquest, which means she scored more points than the rest. Pretty cool, eh?


2 responses to “All-star and MVP

  1. very nice! We was wondering where you were this weekend…

  2. She really poured her heart into her racing this year and worked hard. It’s wonderful to see her get recognized for her efforts. Brains and athleticism-great!!!

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