A broken streak (bike commuting)

For the first day since mid-April, or 71 work days, I didn’t ride my bike to work. A number of things conspired against me. The nasty threatening storm this morning discouraged riding in. Then at lunch, I needed to drop my cross bike off at East Coast to get the disc brakes installed. (I’m preparing the bike for the epic rides of vacation and, of course, Ironcross V in mid-October.) Disc brakes make a huge difference on those screaming downhills, more than making up for the slight weight penalty. Wish they were legal for other cross racing.

Caution: whining ahead. The other issue is my bum back. I haven’t ridden since last Tuesday, other than the short hops to work last week. Every morning I wake up with a lot of pain in my lumbar region. Don’t know what I did. It actuall started last Sunday after the state road race, but seemed to ebb. Then I did another hard ride Tuesday night and it flared like again. Maybe this break is good. I’ll be able to rebuild in time for cross season. Maybe my back pain is my body’s way of saying it’s time to take a little break. But I’ve been in a cruddy mood.

Biking is my mood elevator. Bike commuting is a joy compared to climbing in the car and driving the short distance home. I can vary my routes, engage with the world, get a little exercise. It’s such a mental difference than driving back and forth. I’ll have to start a new streak tomorrow, whatever my back says.


14 responses to “A broken streak (bike commuting)

  1. Two words:
    Massage Therapist

    Samething happened to me last Tuesday. I was on my TT bike getting ready for this past weekend’s PLT and BAM – my back tightened up and could barely ride home (3 miles away). After suffering for a day and a half, I went to get a massage and then next morning I woke up with no pain. So you could say I got a Happy Ending.

  2. Yikes, hope you’re feeling better today.

    I sure wish I had disc brakes on my cx. I am still trying to figure out why the 80’s technology CL brakes are still standard. I am constantly telegraphing my stops.

  3. If massage doesn’t work, I know of a sports medicine physician who used to be an advisor physician to the US Olympics team. She did the surgery on my knee after she was recommended to me by several former patients of hers. Her name is Sandra Glasson of Glasson Sports Medicine, her specialty. She’s on First Colonial Road. Hope the massage works-it can do wonders if you have a muscle locked up.

  4. No Worries, just start a new streak when the back is back.

    and disc brakes should NOT be used on cross bikes. brakes are only used for scrubbing a bit of speed not for stopping.

    thanks for listening.

    Now get well.

  5. as far as i know, all of our in state cross races alow disc brakes, (imagine your racing in a foot of goop, well other than regular breaks get all gooped up, i don`t know why you would use disc, all yeah a faster wheel change, longer lasting rims, longer lasting pads,more scrubbing power,all cx bikes should have disc…..?) thanx 4 not listening 🙂 juzz messin wit ya mr russell !!!

  6. The thing about riding cross is the purity, and simplicity of it all. And going back to the root of things… I don’t agree with too much high tech’ness in cross. Riding a true cross rig in all conditions builds skill levels and toughness unparalleled! But do yo thang.
    Oh, and Chris, I sure hope you gets better soon! I miss abusing you everyday! Have a great trip wherever you’re going…

  7. The dogfather perhaps!

    I’ll be going back to the cantis for race season, but the discs stay on through Ironcross. I raced my first with the discs and my second with the cantis and I know the difference in my confidence descending those dirt roads. It’s an interesting debate though. And all you purity guys, why don’t you run single and even fixed for cross then? That would be old skool.

  8. really Chris? Is single and fixed really where it all began? I mean really…
    Cross happened when road bikes went off road—-Holla!
    I aint dissin fixed or single mind you, I’m just sayin thats not where it all began.

    Oh, and I saw Crazy have a yard sale on the down hill fire road section on a mtb with disc brakes (WHOA)

  9. Not saying cross started single and fixed, but if you want purity and simplicity, then hop off that carbon rig and go single and fixed on steel. How is that discs are too high tech, but carbon fiber isn’t?

  10. i think he got ya there godfather!!!!!!and while we`re at it ,why not bring back wood rimz,,,,,,,,?

  11. Because I said so! The frame has not changed, just the material…

  12. The real debate should be why is Crazy giving it all away at a yard sale :))

  13. I wish I had discs for IronX. I blew by at least 3 turns ’cause i couldn’t stop in time.

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