Rides again

Thanks to a deep-tissue massage from the Ferschinator, recommended by the guys at Running Etc., I’m back on the bike. There’s still an issue back there that maybe only time will clear up, but he broke down whatever was causing the debilitating pain in my lumbar.

And just in time. Chad – who used to own Port Norfolk Bike in P’Towne – came to town Friday from Aspen, and I wanted to ride with an old buddy. We got out Saturday morning with the East Coast Bike crowd for a fun 40 miles around Norfolk. The heat and humidity got to the now Rocky Mountain man. Actually, I think it got to everybody. It’s been brutal these past few days. We had a great visit with Chad, who left today. The girls loved him. Hope to see him again soon. Maybe a trip to Aspen is in order. As if.


5 responses to “Rides again

  1. A trip to Aspen is always in order.

  2. Glad you are better and sorry to have missed Chad.

  3. brutal is the word for it– this heat has even been too much for most of the locals. It was cool seeing chad the other day– he’s a good guy

  4. mega cross ride sunday, freedom park 9am

  5. Ya coming out Monday night? Hope all is well.

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