Back and back

I’m back from nearly two weeks visiting my Dad in New Hampshire, but my back is anything but back. Hours spent sitting in the car driving to and from destroyed my lumbar again and it hurt so bad today that I finally went to the doctor – nearly 4 weeks after this started.

She gave me scrips for an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer and also prescribed physical therapy. And she told me to stay off my bike “for a couple weeks” until it’s evidently better. Arggggh! There goes my sanity and training for my cyclocross season in one fell swoop. (And just when I was starting to get marginally fast.)

Despite my back issues, we had a nice visit. More to come about that, including pics.

Because of the injury I only rode twice while visiting. (Three times really if you count a short, but most awesome ride with Ellie.) I did 35 miles on the roads circumnavigating Lake Wentworth, which included some short, steep climbs and nice views of the lake. And I also rode 50 miles on Tuesday up to Pinkham Notch on Mount Washington. It was a great ride. But I paid for it.


One response to “Back and back

  1. missed ya ChrisD! Welcome back!
    Now zip yer whine hole and cmon…


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