Carol rides the teeter

This is for Liz.

As we rode through Ipswitch this AM, we kept our eyes peeled for the teeter-totter. We spied it on a parallel trail and looped back. I rolled right up and over it on my cross bike, though the sudden pitch did require a little bike handling. Then Marco, Carol and Susan all eyed it for a while before giving it a go. We all cleaned it. Carol wanted Liz to know.


4 responses to “Carol rides the teeter

  1. I love her first words off–“The thing doesn’t go fast enough.” Why does it always gotta be fast??

    I will be there first thing in the morning to clear it so that no one has an upper hand here.

  2. Methinks you have a class to teach in the morn.

  3. How about the poor cyclist who was attacked by the bear in the woods around DC? They think it might have been a mum protecting her cubs? That’s not so good. New heading- “Cyclists carrying stun guns…” as if.

  4. sweeeeeeet…………..

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