Crossing blogs

Cyclocross season is coming. Can you feel it?

The buzz is building across the ‘Net from diehards like Molly Cameron to potential newbies like Mike at GamJams plus locals like the K-Dawg and the Trippler.

Here’s my quickie guide to some cool cyclocross blogs I’ve stumbled across.

Mud and Cowbells is written out of Colorado and includes a mix of frank and funny observations on the Euro scene, good cross tips, soft bike porn and local news.

CrossNut is written out of Wolfeboro, NH, where my Dad lives, by Steve Frothingham, who writes for PezCyclingNews, among others. (I’ve got to meet him next time I’m up there. Maybe he’ll want to join me on my Sandwich Notch epic cross ride.) It’s a look at the New England scene and other cool cross news.

I just love the name of Beer, Frites & Waffles (The Belgian Trinity). Looks like he’s out of Baltimore and just had another son. (Congrats!)

The Laaste Ronde (or last lap) comes out of Portland and features some yummy Vanilla bike porn right now plus cyclocross philosophy and the observation that 1.279 of every five racers has a blog.

Plus One Lap is an old standby, but features the salacious under-18 bike porn gallery — sub-18 pounds that is.

Race Cyclocross! has been infreqently updated but appears to be picking up as the season draws near. It features some cool videos and other tidbits from cross racing plus photos and Q&As with some pros. Molly Cameron is a contributor.

These last two aren’t cross blogs, but are two of my favorite blogs reads.

Bike Snob NYC is a hilarious read. He’s the Jonathan Swift of the trendy urban cycling set, skewering Craigslist bike ads and FixedGearGallery posts. His satire reaches from our gear fetishes to the hazards we face on the road from drivers and each other.

And last, but certainly not least, I really enjoy Belgian Knee Warmers, which appears to be written by Freddy, a former PRO wrench, who honors cycling’s hard men and features great old-school racing video, keen observations on what it means to be PRO, a mechanic’s insights and a little high-end bike porn to keep you happy.

Enjoy (but not to the exclusion of training)!


3 responses to “Crossing blogs

  1. Hey – do call me if you come to Wolfe-city, I’d love to ride Sandwich Notch. I’ve done it once or twice on my mountain bike.
    Do I know your father? (I was going to ask, “whose your Daddy” but that might get misconstrued.)

  2. are ya ready?

    more cowbell.

  3. Wow! What a great collection of cool cross blogs. I’ve got cross fever again– more cowbell is right! Hope to see you guys on Sunday

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