They call me Five Flats

As part of the training for Ironcross, a group of my teammates have been running up to James City County to ride gravel roads into New Kent County for 50-60 miles. I joined them on Sunday, but made a fatal error. I failed to finally dump the cross tires I raced last year from the bike. The rear was particularly bad, having been ground bald.


Before the ride even started, I had an inauspicious sign. The front tube was slowly leaking air, so I swapped it out. About 5 miles into the ride, we hit the first gravel road and I was pushing it with Todd XXX, Kevin and Jimmy when I felt the rear go squishy. Miles later BillG flatted on a rock. By this time I was hanging back with Liz, Danbo and Rob, riding cautiously because of the tire and because I was exhausted from Saturday’s hard ride. Still I flatted the rear again on the roughest trail we would hit. The Trippster, who was flying on his old celeste Bianchi fixed gear (!), also flatted as we come off the last gravel section. Even though I only accounted for three flats, the Dawg now calls me Five Flats. I guess it’s my bad Karma.

The old tire hit the trash replaced by Michelin Muds for now. Lesson learned.


3 responses to “They call me Five Flats

  1. Cinqlo-Chris!
    What were you thinking bringing those tires to a 50 miler way out there? Either way, I’m glad you put some fresh sneaks on them hoops.
    We had a theory as to why the flattage was occuring. Your disc brakes dissapating heat thru the hubs to the spokes to the rim burning the tube to smitherines. Just a theory and a diss to someone who has better braking then the masses.

  2. Enjoy the new tires!

  3. You seem to have a history of running with questionable tires, if I remember correctly

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