No flats on a beautiful day

After months of fetid heat and soppingly sweaty rides, a fall day broke crisp and cool over Hampton Roads on Sunday. And lucky me, I was joining the Tripower women on an easy pre-Ironcross training ride up in New Kent County. It was so cool, most wore arm warmers to start the ride from York River State Park.


Soon we were rolling out the main trail at the park on our cross bikes.



Our route wound up hill and down dale, through farm fields and woods on narrow paved roads and gravel lanes. We saw the York River, horseback riders, a clutch of turkey vultures and countless puffy and wispy clouds gracing the bluest sky. We stopped once for one flat (not mine!); bless my new Maxxis Raze tires.


We stopped again to catch our breath near an oddly located white clapboard church out in the middle of seemingly nowhere on a gravel road.


Everybody rode strong, especially Carol who rode a mountain bike for the full 60 miles. Liz (thanks for the ride), Laura and Sharon took turns pushing each other, while Dan, Rob and I played a bit off the front on the rough roads and hills. But all-in-all, the pace was easy and the ride just plain fun.

Finally we stopped for refreshments at our new favorite store. Just a little something-something to help us through those last 15 miles.


More on that at the Tripower blog.


4 responses to “No flats on a beautiful day

  1. Sounds like lots of fun… horseback riders did you say? Doncha love this weather?

  2. it was most definately the most beautiful of beautiful days…………………….good ride……

  3. That fridge is armed for destruction- Richard’s Wild Irish Rose– Mad Dog 20/20… is that Boone’s Farm on the bottom row?

  4. I used to encounter nothing but nasty weather in W-burg. Now it seems like every time we go over there, the days are the most gorgeous and fun. That loop is perfectly remote and I love that church on the fire road.

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